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About Us


The members of the Association can be persons who, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, political beliefs and religious denominations, acknowledge and apply the present Articles of Association and apply for adhesion.

Membership is not formal, as it assumes involvement in the activity of the Association. It may be obtained on request, by acknowledging the Articles of Association and by signing the application and can be maintained by engagement and consistency in the work of the Association.

Membership in the Association shall cease:

– on request

– by non-payment of contributions for a period of six months

– by decision of exclusion for acts or actions that contradict the Articles of Association.

The exclusion decision shall be is made by the Association’s Managing Board upon the proposal of Association members or on their own initiative. In order for such a decision to be valid, a simple majority of the total number of the Association’s Managing Board should vote in favour of such action. The decision thus adopted shall be communicated to the General Assembly.


Association members have the following rights:

  1. to participate in the activities of the Association;
  2. to use the material resources of the Association;
  3. to elect and to be elected at any level within the Association;
  4.  to express freely their views and opinions, on any matter relating to the Association;
  5. to make requests, suggestions or complaints at any level of management of the Association and receive replies in this regard;
  6. to be informed and consulted on the activities of the Association;
  7. to be granted access to the information means of the Association;
  8. to benefit from all forms of defence, support and assistance of the Association;
  9. to give up membership of Association.

Association members have the following obligations:

  1. to comply with the Articles of Association;
  2. to contribute to the achievement of the goals of the Association;
  3. to participate in the ordinary and extraordinary meetings in the organizational framework of the Association;
  4. to apply the decisions made and act together in the actions established on a statutory basis within the Association;
  5. not to engage the Association in any activities without being conferred a mandate;
  6. to pay the contribution established on a statutory basis.


The governing body of the Association is the General Assembly, convened in annual ordinary and extraordinary sessions, whenever needed.

The responsibilities of the General Assembly are:

a) to set the strategy and objectives of the Association;

b) to approve the income and expenditure budgets and balance sheets;

c) to choose and dismiss members of the Association’s Managing Board

d) to approve changes of the Articles of Association by a majority of two thirds (2/3)

e) to adopt sanctions proposed by the Association’s Managing Board ;

The decisions of the General Assembly of the Association shall be taken by simple majority of votes and in case of adoption or amendment to the Articles of Association, two-thirds (2/3) of the total votes are required.

The executive body of the Association is the Association’s Managing Board composed of one President and two Vice-Presidents;

Responsibilities of the Association’s Board:

a) to be responsible for the activity of the organisation;

b) to propose sanctions;

c) to outline the main action plans of the Association;

d)  to decide the changing of the headquarters of the Association

The President of the Association is the Association spokesperson in dealing with other organizations, and the media, respectively. The mandate of the President covers a period of 5 years with the right to two consecutive mandates.

Responsibilities and obligations of the President:

  1. has the power of control over all activities of the organization;
  2. has the right to initiate association with other associations and foundations;
  3. is required to ensure performance of the activity of the organization, in accordance with its Articles of Association, and at the end of each year, it is required to submit a report on the activities of the Association;
  4.  has the right to make temporary decisions until the meeting of the Association’s Managing Board or the General Assembly;
  5. is obliged to convene monthly meetings of the Association’s Board