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  • to develop the hospital pharmacy and establish a joint pharmaceutical doctrine with the European Union;
  • to increase the role and importance of hospital pharmacists;
  • to represent hospital pharmacists’ interests in relation with the authorities and institutions in Romania, and in the European Union;
  • to promote cooperation with other professional associations;
  • to inform hospital pharmacists about the latest professional news by distributing information materials in hospitals and organising conferences and seminars;


  • to align educational program services with European standards;
  • continuing professional education;
  • to integrate the association in the national health and European Union systems;
  • to implement the specialization of hospital pharmacist;
  • to clearly establish professional degrees in the hospital pharmacy;
  • to publish specific articles for hospital pharmacies in the already existing pharmaceutical publications and to prepare a magazine intended for hospital pharmacists.



  • ANFSR – it was founded in 05.12.2007, with the headquarters in Cluj-Napoca,str. Aurel Vlaicu nr.4,ap.109DII,400690,jud.Cluj.

  • At first it had 24 founding members.

  • ANFSR is a member of European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) from june 2013

  • Founding president

  • Mariana Andries – Farm.sef. – Farmacia 87 – Inst. de Gastroenterologie si Hepatologie “Prof. Dr. Octavian Fodor”- Cluj-Napoca.


19.10.2019 – Intalnire zonala ANFSR Timisoara – B-dul Take Ionescu nr.51, Etaj 1, Timișoara (Sediul Colegiului Farmacistilor Timis);

22-24.11.2019 – Conferinta SMART – Creionarea viitorului: un model inovator pentru schimbări educaționale și practice în România – educație farmaceutică;


Scrisoare Presedinte FIP – Dominique Jordan la deschiderea Simpozionului Satelit ANFSR – Bucuresti 27.09.2018

The European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy


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