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  • Ministry of Health Hospital Pharmacists require enactment activities of the hospital pharmacy

    Ministry of Health Hospital Pharmacists require enactment activities of the hospital pharmacy

    Representatives of the National Association of Hospital Pharmacists (ANFSR) met with Secretary of State for Health Francisk Chiriac Iulian to discuss the activities of the hospital pharmacy legislating. It was decided to form a working group of hospital pharmacists in dialogue with the authorities.
    Following the meeting, submitted a memorandum ANFSR Minister of Health, which show their discontent regarding legislative issues:

    • Law 95/2006 hospital pharmacy is not regulated. Articles who were awarded were repealed;
    • MS Order no. 962/2009 regulates partially sector;
    • Not regulated at the level of hospital clinical trial situation, meaning that in 90% of cases related to drugs are not stored in the pharmacy;
    • Rules of good pharmaceutical practice in the hospital pharmacy are not regulated by law 95/2006 and by Order 75/2010; No coercion for hospital management for non-compliance;
    • Indicators for accreditation at the hospital pharmacy are non-existent;
    • According to the Order MS nr.962/2009 hospital pharmacy is assimilated as a ward of the hospital but the status is not yet assimilated chief pharmacist at the medical section chief. In very few hospitals that order is enforced;
    • It is intended initiation of a request for specialty hospital pharmacy. Arguments in favor of this approach: hospital pharmacist in the EU has the responsibilities: organizing pharmacy drug interaction with providers, clinical trials, conducting relationship with the hospital;
    • Standardization activities in the pharmacy at the number of beds to be updated. In organizational pharmacy be switched handler (s) depending on the size of pharmacy [tons monthly roll pharmacy sterile solutions];
    • The hospital’s budget to provide a binding (10,15,20%) for drugs and medical supplies;
    • acquisition plans to be undertaken by the hospital management and the heads of department, in accordance with management contracts of heads of department;
    • Drugs with dedication to the hospital (infusion broad-spectrum antibiotics, etc.) not to issue in community pharmacies, with the example of European countries;
    • Medications oncology: handling, preparation / restoration, conservation status, release, etc., is not regulated and harmonized with European legislation / international.

    “We offer our willingness to form the pharmaceutical Directorate Ministry of Health and the College of Pharmacists of Romania, a working group to initiate a bill in accordance with European legislation and Romanian legislation to regulate the rights and obligations of pharmacy hospital in Romania, “says the memo sent by farm minister. pr. Ioan Antofie, President ANFSR.
    At the meeting with Secretary of State of MS, Francisk Iulian Chiriac, participated  Pharmaceutical Manager of Pharmaceutical Executive MS, farm. Mihaela Iancu, and farm. pr. Speranta Prada farm. Chief Inst. Geriatrics “Ana Aslan”, Bucharest.

    ANFSR aims affirmation, support and defend the professional interests of pharmacists to hospital.

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